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Diamond Aces Fun Fly 2017

Listen to the sounds and feel the power of some of these aircraft.  It looks like its a little bit chilly so you can even see the exhaust of the gas powered motors ... or is that the smoke show turned on?

Diamond Aces Kick Off 2016

Oh yes but it is cool out today, but we still want to fly!  It's the first day of the year to fly for some of us.  Here's a look at a mix of photos and birds in flight!

Diamond Aces 2016 Spring BBQ

Lets Fly Shall We!  Some more flying in the early season.  It's May, It's cool and It's going to be fun.  Diamond Aces RC - Where Flying is Fun!

Diamond Aces Gym Night 2015

Way back in 2015 ... when we used to fly at the gym ... the good ol' days.  A bit of video taken with a camera that I attached to the belly of the Adromida Ominus with some velcro tape. 

Last Flight - 2015

Yup!  Last flight of the evening.  ... I think they're waiting to lock up.  Just had to make this quick video of the Dromida Ominus speeding across the gym.  :-)


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